Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My husband has taken to writing short stories. He's written one full novel, and has started at least three others, but has published two short stories now, with a third and possibly fourth one waiting to be printed, on top of all the ones he's written that are waiting like diamonds waiting to be mined.

The one he just finished, however, is WAY too good to keep short. It's my all time favorite story he's ever written. I think I've said that every time he's finished a new one, but this one is HANDS DOWN the best. It's not only that he's becoming a better writer, it's also the nature of the story and the overall content.

My darling husband has a knack for story telling. He is a big picture kind of guy so he's able to make some connections in a story that link things together in a way that most people only dream about. I can remember in high school when we'd study a story and all these connections would be made-symbols of this or that-and I'd think we were all just maybe reading too much into the story....but my wordsmith husband has proven me wrong time and time again, but never more so than this time.

I am in the process of begging and pleading him to develop it into a full blown novel because I'm POSITIVE this one would quickly be published, and turned into a movie, and give us the second home in Venice that currently exists only in my dreams. It's that good. It really is. As it's written now, it's only 4400 words, but it could easily be expanded to 44K, even 88K and probably still leave me thirsty for more.

Please, darling....if you love me, write the NOVEL version of this tale. I NEED that house in Venice so when we go over for the Venice marathon we'll have a place to stay!! Because we know it's really all about me.

I love you.