Thursday, March 31, 2011


I's been close to four months since I've written anything on this blog.  Like everyone, I've been insanely busy!  I've been writing some on my running blog.  And...I'm on a Hood to Coast relay team!!  I won't go into that here, but check out our team's blog.

So...what was so important to get me on here today???  My talented husband has written a story that I love (as usual).  He wanted to enter a writing contest with a theme of "baggage claim"...and this is a link to his story....   It's not a popularity contest, so you reading it (or clicking on it, or liking it, or tweeting it) doesn't impact the judging (from what we know)...but it's just a great story, so naturally I wanted to share it with you all!!

One of these days I'll have time to write!