Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random Memories and Thoughts

I have tomorrow's post planned out, but I want to save it for the "big day".  As I was sitting here pondering what to write about today so many random thoughts and memories came to mind, I thought I'd make sort of blog collage. 

My mom was a fantastic artist.  I used to beg her to "draw me a horse".  She had art books that I tried (unsucessfuly) to use to learn to draw.  She drew really good faces.

My mom was the QUEEN of Random House magazine subscriptions and is the QUEEN of e-mail forwards.

My mom has always bought plants.  I used to think she had as much of a black thumb as I do, but the truth is she's been able to keep a lot of things alive.  She had rose bushes and a wisteria outside, and all kinds of various house plants inside, when I was growing up.  Now, she's got a veritable botanical garden of things growing.  She killed a lot of things, but, unlike me, she never gives up.

My mom is a consummate student.  I remember her taking college classes when I was very young, with her books all spread out on the living room floor.  She probably took every correspondence course there was to take when she was in the guard (always making perfect, or near perfect scores).  She and my dad took Spanish two semesters.  Whereas he couldn't remember how to say, "Hola" (he would usually say "Low-ha"), she made A+'s and could have taught the class!

My mom could play the piano, but she rarely ever did.  We had an organ (I think she still has it), but I think I pretended to play more than she ever got on it.  I loved to hear her play.

My mom had a little black French poodle named Pierre when I was little.  She later owned a Siamese cat named Mai Tai.  She now owns a teacup chihuahua named Chiquita.

My mother makes the best breaded porkchops and baked Corn-Flake chicken breasts.

My mother's laugh is contagious.  So is her clap.  When she laughs or claps, the whole world wants to join in.  (Well, angry people don't like it because it makes them realize just how sad and pathetic they really are!)  I realize more and more every day just how much like her I really am--especially when I'm "cheering" or laughing!!

My mom found out I had, uhum...cough..., "altered" my 7th grade report card (I changed my art grade from a D to a B and my French grade from a D to a C)....and she kept it a secret from my dad.  She told me I had to 1) bring up the grades, and 2) NEVER do anything like that again, or she would rat me out.  I did bring up the grades, and never did anything like that again....and, as far as I know, my dad never found out!

I had several boyfriends who told me they thought my mom was seriously hot, especially her legs!!

I really can't wait to write tomorrow's post.

I love you, Mother.

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