Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's Hear It For Dr. Google!!!

Dr. Google Images was (mostly) right!!  It turns out there are "multiple" cysts in that right bazoom...not just one...  No biopsy, I just have to return in six months for a repeat ultrasound-which is exactly what I expected after I earned my web-degree Friday night!!

I think this has been an elaborate life lesson in how not to worry!!


  1. Fantastic news! I'm heaving a big sigh of relief over here for ya!


  2. We are told not worry. And we shouldn't - but it takes a lot of lessons and a lot of victories to really get it.

  3. I've been in and out of the web-o-sphere lately due to my grandpa's removal of a soccer-ball sized tumor that we have learned was malignant. I know the fear you must have gone through -- I am relieved to read that things are okay for you!! Bless your heart. Tracey is right -- it takes a lot of victories to get things right. I'm a worrier too. I cast all my cares on the Lord so many times in a day!! Praise God though, for your joyful news!

  4. It's always nice to get good news!!!

    Worries just make us old before our time :)

    Take care & God Bless!