Sunday, February 21, 2010



I've been working on my acceptance speech, but as usual, I have more words to say than it should take to say THANK YOU to Anything Fits A Naked Man for giving me this wonderful award.  If I start talking about her and/or her blog...I'll go all fangirl and gush I'll attempt to stop with "THANK YOU"!!!  
The strings attached to the award are that I pass on the love to three other bloggers.  What a chore.  How on earth do I decide, since I'm seriously obsessed with so many of you!!  ((My task was made easier only because I won the Beautiful Blogger award on my other blog and was able to pass that one on as well--check out the winners in my two part acceptance speech, here and here.))

So...the winners are:

Now I know what those Grammy judges go through---it's a daunting task to pick winners, especially since I'm following like 200 now!!  (And, for those of you concerned about my kidney heath--I have made a promise to my body to not let that happen again!!)

Have a ...or make it a... GREAT DAY!!



  1. Wow! He looks FANTASTIC on your blog!!! LOVE it! Yay, YOU!!

  2. I am SO very honored -- thank you Dana! :O)

    This really made my day; especially coming from such an awesome writer as you!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  3. Thank you Dana. I am so surprised. It just amazes me at times that people think I'm worthy of reading and following. It's such a heart warming feeling.
    Have a great week. Take time to smell the roses and do something that makes you smile and happy.
    Take care and God Bless!!