Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Confession, The Easy Part

Hi name is Dana, and I'm a blogaholic!!  I've been sitting here the last four hours trying to convince myself I really don't have to go to the bathroom...I can read just one more post...comment just one more time...look at just one more profile.  Even now, my bladder is just about to explode...and what am I doing??  Writing about it!!!

I've discovered the blogroll gadget on my other blog doesn't automatically update, so it's hiding the dirty little secret my profile is sharing with the "whole world"....I think I'm currently following about a hundred blogs.  (You should see the "list" of all the ones I decided not to follow).  (Does anyone else hit "next blog" like switching TV stations during a commercial break??)  BTW, that's how I found this gem.  (If you're reading and I'm not following you, it might be because I haven't "met" you yet...leave me a comment, we'll see how it goes from there!)

The thing is, my addiction is causing a problem with my job...

I decided at the end of last year to quit working at the law firm I loved, so I could stay home.  It's been my life's ambition to be the maker of my home.  When I was a little girl, I would bundle up my baby doll, sit on our front porch swing, and dream about it.  It took 20 years, and two failed marriages, but I'm finally able to have the job I've always wanted.  The first few weeks I managed to stay far away from the, no FaceBook.   I made a pact with myself to turn it on ONLY to WRITE, and then only when I was "truly inspired". 

I cleaned house.  I organized.  I swept the driveway.  I planned meals.  I grocery shopped.  I cooked. 

In the last week I've barely made it away from my computer long enough to go to the bathroom.  (And, no, I still haven't stopped typing long enough to take care of that pressing matter.....but I will, as soon as I'm done "Getting My Words Out...".)

Confessing an addiction is "always" the easy part.  The harder task is determining the cause.   Even more daunting...doing something about it.

I have ideas about both the cause and the answer (for me)......but sharing them with you will have to wait.  I simply must go.  NOW!!



  1. I'm addicted to blogging, too! Not a day goes by that I don't check it. Most bloggers probably are.

  2. I could spend hours reading and commenting as well. I have two little ones though that are constantly calling me away. (Probably a good thing though at times I find irritating!!) thank you for sharing your heart! I love the way you write. I'm addicted to you now! Ha!

  3. Very cute -- and I can so relate! :O)

  4. Ok, I think I missed this when you initally wrote it because I was busy reading EVERY BLOG in America (and Great Britain, and Australia!)! I'm SO with you on this! I think I need help too!

    My worry, like you, is that I'll spend all my time reading what OTHERS have written and not write anything of my OWN! I, too, need to find a better balance! Wow, that DID feel good!! Cheers!

  5. I can relate. You should read "graceful"'s blog. She's giving up blogging (except writing) for lent. She's on my blog roll.I've gotta log off now before my husband comes down and sees me on the computer AGAIN. Seriously, it's a problem!!!

  6. Thank you for not using the bathroom and reading my blog and commenting! I'm grateful for your "stregnth of bladder."